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group list has vanished

  • tumptyteapot


    WordPress 6.1.1 running X – Child Theme theme.
    bbPress Version 2.6.9

    Mizan Therapy

    Hi, this is a membership site with private forums. It uses Paid Membership Pro for the subscriptions and bbpress to create private groups. Members are allocated groups on their profile pages.

    It has been fine up to now but the last 4 new members have not been able to access the forums they have been given permission for.

    There is a link on the side for ‘groups’ but I can’t tell if that is a bbpress thing or a pmp thing. There were no groups listed there and if I try to recreate a private group it wants to add it as a new forum, which will duplicate what we have.

    Any ideas appreciated, am I looking in the wrong place for the list of groups?

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