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Group forums hidden on forum index to members

  • Minnnnn


    Hi there,

    Running the latest of everything here (as of 23/10/2017). I’ve noticed an unexpected behaviour on my Buddypress/bbPress site that is basically the behaviour outlined here 3+ years ago:

    When a group is hidden, and thus the forum connected to the group is hidden, on the forum index page:
    – Admins and keymasters can see all forums listed, including the hidden group forum (whether they are a member of that group or not).
    – Members who ARE members of the group can’t see the hidden forum on the forum index page. They have to go via Groups > select the group > Forum to see it.

    We’re running the Recent Topics widget, too, and I’ve noticed a similar thing happening here.
    – As an admin/keymaster, you can see all recent topics, including those posted to hidden forums (even when not a member of the group).
    – As a member of the group, you CAN’T see the recent topics from your group – UNLESS you are on the group’s forum page, then it shows them as expected.

    Is there something wrong in setup here, or is this as designed?
    It seems like it’d make sense for members of a group (regardless of roles elsewhere on the site) to see the forum on the forum index, and the updates in the Recent Topics widget.

    Thanks heaps!

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