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Group Access for Forums

  • I have looked at the private forums plugin, but it seems to be an all or nothing deal based on the user being logged in…

    I didnt find anything when I searched, but wondering if anyone knows of or is working on forum access based on membership in a group? So basically, you would allow forum access to certain groups and you would assign users to various groups (or roles in wp/bb terms). Gives you much finer control over who can access which forums…

    also, any way to make bbpress inherit the roles as defined in WP? or maybe just add new roles to bb? easy enough to do hacking the code, but I havent looked at the bbpress plugin structure yet…


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  • bbolman


    As far as I know, bbPress does not currently support multiple groups (this may come later) so giving access to certain groups isn’t really possible. With the forum restriction plugin you could restrict certain folks, but unfortunately what you’re looking for isn’t here yet. Give it some time though, it may pop up soon enough. ;)

    willing to help out if needed…



    Does LDAP do what you want? (Never used it, just know it’s a directory technology, but I thought it had groups)

    Maybe that’s overkill.

    far from an LDAP expert, but I thought that would be for connecting to an LDAP service primarily in form of directory services for address book type info… guess I can look into…



    You couldn’t be farther from an expert on LDAP that I am :D

    I just recall seeing the trac ticket and didn’t know if it was relevant.

    LDAP is a data-access protocol and not a solution in itself. Think of it as being similar to the fact that HTTP can access all kinds of different documents, so LDAP can be used to access information in directory servers, each of which may have different organizational structures, and within those structures, you often find entries describing users and entries describing roles.

    I’ve just looked at the LDAP plugin source and currently login appears to be based on authenticating to the LDAP server using the credentials that are supplied to bbPress, roles dont’ appear to be considered… yet.

    willing to help out any way that I can…

    out of town for next 10 days… but after that…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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