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Gravatars and 0.9 needs plugin?

  • “bbPress includes built-in support for Gravatars, you can enable this feature here.”

    …so I have, but I don’t have the Gravatars plugin. Do I need it with 0.9 to make this work, or is support supposed to be native?

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  • It’s native and built-in to the default Kakumei themes. Other themes can be quite easily adapted to use them too.



    I may be thick but I cannot figure out how or where to change the gravatars. I have the implemented, and the default image shows up, but that is as far as I can get.

    Okay, I see what the trouble is — I’m using bbOrg, the bbPress theme (the one that looks like this site).

    Any tutorials on how to easily adapt a theme to work?



    I don’t see where to set my avatar in Kakumei or Kakumei Blue… is this something my users and I have to do on a 3rd-party site like or something?

    [sorry for the semi-thread-jack]



    Mmmm, so it is. I think I’ll stick the avatar plugin. “Your Identity—Online” doesn’t sound very appealing to me, and I’m guessing it will be likewise for my users. We’re an identity-data-conscious bunch.

    hey Matt – where did you download the bbOrg theme? Can’t find it anywhere.

    Good question GoeffF, looks like it used to be here:

    But clicking on it just refreshes the page. Clicking on the author’s link takes you to a rather nebulous blog which for all I know has the code for the theme (if it’s even still the blog of the original guy) but good luck finding it.

    Was there a legal issue with posting that theme? Did bbPress not approve?

    Any tips yet on patching non-Kakumei themes to support 0.9’s support for gravatars?

    I edited my post.php, and added <?php post_author_avatar(); ?> to the second line. Worked like a charm.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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