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Got an Idea?

  • This is stolen from WordPress Extend Ideas. I made (or I should say I duplicated or pirated?) this for getting your ideas to be my motivations. But, while writing this I found out this not just “Ideas”, this actually is an application of how to have different themes for your forums and topics. And you can also have permalinks like /ideas/ or /ideas.php.

    No modifications on core files, but need to add two files. 1 plugin file, some modifications on theme.

    You can see this “Ideas” on my forums. Scroll down to the bottom, you will see it. Click on “Got an Idea?” or “Ideas for bbPress” (read the URIs, notice the differences?).

    This is not ready for a release, however you can download it from repository and read this draft documentation (if you want to play with it).

    And you can post your ideas for “Ideas” or others.

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