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got all bbpress plugins for integrating into wp – how do you set them up?

  • I have changed my theme to twenty ten which is supposed to be bbpress friendly but I still can’t get bbpress to run correctly in wp

    I have downloaded the following plugins;

    bbpress login (I assume that I won’t need this now)

    bbpress topics

    bbpress forum

    bbpress reply list

    bbpress view list

    bbpress integration and pasted a line of define code to the correct

    wp config file

    I have no idea where to add them or what is the actual content of the plug in. i.e. I expected the topics plugin to show the actual forum front page but there is nowhere in the wp plugin set up to put this. There is only margins or footers. What I do get is the topic title in the margin.

    What I would like is to see my bbpress forum displayed in my blog as it appears in bbpress but I am unable to set this up.

    What do I need to do to finish the integration process. I can’t find any documentation in bbpress or wp that explains the process. If there is one I am happy to work through it if you send the link.

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  • Ok, hum, all this plugin arent bbpress 2.0 compatible, but bbpress 1.0 compatible.

    for bbpress login you can just put a widget in your sidebar, it’s on your wordpress admin bar ;)

    exactly same for last replies, last forum, …

    bbpress 2.0 isn’t the same thing that bbpress 1.0

    bbPress 2.0 doesnt require integration, it is a plugin to wordpress.

    good luck

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