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Google sitemap

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  • I have a fairly simplistic one operating on my site. You’re welcome to have a go.

    Its just out of the oven, so please be aware that it might be hot to the touch and remember to feedback any problems, ideas and patches :)

    BTW I’ve checked the validity of the map for my site with Google, and they say it’s ok. They’re also reporting that the map defines the correct number of pages.


    Seems to work pretty well, thanks a lot !!!


    Well no, I got

    Sitemap errors for

    This Sitemap has the following errors:




    Parsing error

    We were unable to read your Sitemap. It may contain an entry we are unable to recognize. Please validate your Sitemap before resubmitting. [?]



    Invalid URL

    This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit. [?]

    Well done, external bug #1. I have mod_rewrite enabled, and it works – you appear to have it switched off, so you’ve found something I’ve not seen.

    I’ll try a build that escapes the loc and put it on the site shortly.

    A small question, your XML shows plugin version 0.51, but I only have obvious records of versions <= 0.5, so if you’ve made changes/improvements please describe them here since it may help work out what’s up!

    In the mean time, try 0.6rc1 .

    The “debug hook” is enabled so you can force it to regenerate the sitemap by adding something to your favorites list.

    Hello earlgrey

    This is exact, I don’t use permalinks (for some strage reason, they work fine on my wordpres install but no for my bbpress install both been in subdirectory of the same account.. strange..)

    I didn’t make any change (the only one is the path to the xml file), perhaps I made a type when copy-pasting the content to the php file

    The link to release 0.6rc1 seem broken

    Hello earlgrey

    The 06rc1 version seems to work very well

    (note : line 21 $version=0.6rc1; must be replaced by $version='0.6rc1';)

    The version number is still 051 in the xml file so it may be hardcoded somewhere in the code.

    By the way the correct link is 0.6rc1

    Great, thanks lstelie – I’ll fix that up and release it as version 0.6.

    FYI There’s a sitemap article currently on the front page of Slashdot. Apparently Google, Yahoo & MS are going to cooperate on the promotion of the format.

    See also:

    I’m getting this error:

    Warning: fopen(/home/pandeblog/domains/ [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/domain/domains/ on line 154

    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/domain/domains/ on line 167

    I think it’s a config problem



    Hey Ear1grey: Thanks for the script. I installed it in my forum and it works like a charm, i.e. it creates the site map. Now, what happens next, I have no idea…I assume something good will come from this in terms of google indexing (I just posted a new thread elsewhere about google spiders not indexing any of my forum posts). Anyways, it is nice to install something that works right the first time.

    One note to others: When you download the text file of the script, be careful to double check that there are no blank spaces after the final “?>” at the end of the script. These sometimes will appear if you copy and paste from the text file rather than download and save. If you have any blank spaces after the “?>”, then you should delete those spaces. Otherwise you will have lots of interesting errors when you run the script.

    Ah, now you’ll be wanting to pay a visit to Google Sitemaps.



    Thanks for the suggestion. One question: The site map that it generates appears to only cover the forum pages and posts, while leaving out the rest of my website (my regular non-forum pages are the typical company intro, about, contact, services, etc. pages. Plus I also have a blog).

    If I advise Google that this is my sitemap, will that then imply that the rest of my website should be ignored by Google? That would not be good.

    No single system can create a sitemap for a whole site that is built using different subsystems so Google, Yahoo & MSN expect there to be multiple sitemaps. You will need other sitemaps for the rest of your site.

    Since you ask, yes, a partial sitemap is better than no sitemap.

    See also What is a sitemap file and why should I have one?, and Can I have multiple sitemaps?



    One more question: does your script just create the sitemap or does it also submit the sitemap to google?

    I read in the links that you gave me above that there is a way to resubmit site maps using an http request (example:

    It would be great if this http request was part of the script actions, i.e. it would create the new sitemap AND resubmit updated map to google. Or maybe it is doing this already?

    Thanks for the help “O’ Grey One”.

    Once you (not the plugin) register and submit the sitemap to Google their bot(s) will regularly re-visit it, re-validate it, and re-assess the contents. When this happens the sitemap is up to date because the plugin maintains it.



    Got it. Cool. I registered it last night and now google has indexed all of the topics. So now if I run a search in google on one of my topics (in quote marks to make the search more specific), it comes up right away.

    But it doesn’t seem to index the actual contents of the topics…at least not yet. I am guessing it will do this over time.

    Thanks again! :-)

    But it doesn’t seem to index the actual contents of the topics…at least not yet. I am guessing it will do this over time.

    I think by this you’re saying that if you you were to search for “some text string” that you specifically have in one of your comments, Google would return no results, as opposed to returning lots of other results with yours somewhere on the nth page. If that’s the case it’s an interesting insight.

    BTW You might want to submit your sitemap to Yahoo for extra traffic and comparison: recently announced that you can add the location of your sitemap to the robots.txt file. You might want to do that if you are using this plugin.

    This plugin is not working property, actually is creating not valid URLS inside the sitemap like this:







    This happens with the latest version of bbPress (

    i also have the same problem with version 09.02







    What can i change, in order to be validate by google webmaster tools

Viewing 23 replies - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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