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Google Search Results Still Show Links to Old Topics/Replies after Upgrade

  • gingerngo


    Hi all, I’ve upgraded to bbPress 2.0, which is great. The one thing I’ve noticed though is that the post id’s for my old topics and replies have changed.

    For example, in my old version of bbPress, a topic with topic ID #334 now has a post ID of #587. Understandable, with the introduction of custom post types.

    But now I can’t actually refer to the old topic or reply id’s anymore without having to do an extra search in the database.

    Just wondering if there was a way to re-map all the old topics/replies to automatically forward to the new ones? Or if there is a way to relate the old versions of the posts to the new ones and create a meta key like “old_bbpress_post_id”?

    I’m thinking specifically in the case of Google search results, the old forum posts will still show up and won’t be forwarded to the new forum.

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