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Google Photo Embed plugin not working only within BBPress due to tags?

  • mattdmcleod


    Hi, I seem to be having trouble with the Google Photos Embed plugin, but only within my BBPress forums which are locked down via Paid Membership Pro plugin. It is working fine on my public pages.

    I have a long story with the troubleshooting steps in this Google Doc, only because it seems I can’t paste more than three links in this editor:

    Troubleshooting (Google Doc)

    I am at the end of my skills and knowledge trying to troubleshoot this, I would greatly appreciate some direction to re-instate the Google Photos Embed plugin functionality within BBPress.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Matt McLeod

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  • Robin W



    Great to have a detailed problem definition and steps so far – really useful.

    Couple op quick questions

    1. Is this happening to just new posts or have old posts stopped showing links?
    2. if just new posts, can you try with both front end (user view) and back end (dashboard>topics>create new topic)
    3. Can you just confirm that it is both topics and replies.
    4. If old posts are still working, can you just try going into one (edit front end) and just click save – I want to see if this is something being added on save.

    Then we’ll see where to go from there

    Robin W


    just loaded that plugin to my test site, and with auto-embed on it works fine.



    displays the embed just fine.

    So all we now need to do is work out the difference between my test site and your staging site !!

    When you’ve come back on the Q’s above, I’ll do some more digging.



    Hi Robin, thanks for your reply. I’m in Australia so our time differences may cause a delay in my responses.

    Both old posts and new posts have stopped displaying images.

    I’ve turned off Paid Membership Pro on this forum so you can get in and have a look. This is my production site.

    This thread is an example with both posts and replies where the photos aren’t displaying.

    I’ve unlocked the same forum on the staging site and created a new topic and reply from the dashboard. While the photos display in the dashboard visual editor, they don’t display in the user view.

    So, just to confirm your questions, it appears photos are not displaying in either new or old posts or replies on production or staging (with standard WP theme).

    Going back and looking at WordPress release dates (4.8 was mid-2017) makes me think this is not related. It was working fine well after that. Especially if you’ve just tested it and you’re displaying photos with <p> tags. I’m going back to a plugin conflict…


    Robin W


    ok, I can’t see the thread suggested – it says ‘Replies viewable by members only’.

    If you have the problem on your staging site, then this is clearly the one to work a fix out in.

    Can you contact me via my website, so that you can give me access to your staging site and help you work out the issue.

    Robin W


    issue is with the plugin Paid Memberships Pro – bbPress Add On v 1.5.4 with Plugin Paid Memberships Pro prevent Plugin Google Photos Version 1.0.1 embed from working.

    from @mattdmcleod

    I rolled it back to the previous version (1.5.3) on the staging site and it worked. Made that change on the production site and it also seems OK.
    The PMPro plugin was the one updated in December, but the current BBPress (v1.5.4) connector hasn’t been updated for 5 months (and last tested with WP 4.8.4). I guess the PMPro update affected the BBPress connector in some way? Or maybe it doesn’t like WP 4.9x? I’ll post in their support forum to let them know.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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