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'Goldilocks' theme for the "bbPress Threaded Replies" plugin

  • Greetings,

    I’m looking of the ‘Goldilocks’ theme for bbPress 2.0.2 with the “bbPress Threaded Replies plugin, version 0.3”, on WP 3.3.1.

    Here’s what I’ve found on my site as I view forum replies:

    • Twenty Eleven 1.3 – the threading is very well performed with ‘shading’ used to group/nest and further ‘orient’ the reader about what rely is being replied to.

    • Twenty Ten 1.3 – the treading works fairly well via subtle indenting, but there’s no shading and the grouping is so subtle that ‘orientation’ about who is talking to who is considerably less obvious than with Twenty Eleven

    • bbPress (Twenty Ten) 1.2 – this theme did not ‘thread’ for this plugin

    Summarizing, 2011 presents threading the best, but I prefer the “compactness” of the 2010 theme over 2011 at the top of each page. So, I have a bit of a dilemma in that none of these themes are ‘Just Right’.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about other themes that might work better for this Newbie?

    Oh, and this might be useful. The Threaded Replies plugin ReadMe file states that: “Filters are available for modification of plugin behavior”, but it shares no other information about this. Does anyone have any experience with these ‘Filters’ …what they are, what they might do, etc.?

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  • Those two themes are presented as examples of what can be done, comment-style and bbPress-style. You can copy the template files in /templates to your child WP theme and modify them there if you want to override them.

    You can use filters in your theme’s functions.php or a separate plugin with add_filter.

    The filters that are available to date are:

    $file = apply_filters( 'ucc_btr_template_redirect', $file );

    Used in template_redirect to figure out which template file to use; checks child theme, parent theme, and then defaults to plugin template files. Override if you want to specify single-topic.php or twentyeleven.php.

    $expires = apply_filters( 'ucc_btr_expires', 3600 );

    Sets the cache expires.

    return apply_filters( 'ucc_btr_reply_class', $classes, $class, $reply->ID, $topic->ID );

    Add classes to the reply container.

    return apply_filters( 'ucc_btr_in_reply_to_link', $before . $link . $after, $args, $reply, $topic );

    Creates the “Reply to this” link.

    return apply_filters( 'ucc_btr_cancel_in_reply_to_link', '<a rel="nofollow" id="cancel-in-reply-to-link" href="' . $link . '"' . $style . '>' . $text . '', $link, $text );

    Creates the “Click here to cancel reply” link.

    $include = apply_filters( 'ucc_btr_replies_template', STYLESHEETPATH . $file );

    Override the template to use for comment-styled replies (replies.php).


    Thank you for your generous reply. At this moment, your reply will be much more useful to others in the community who have the ability to ‘swim in the deeper end of the pool’…something I aspire to.

    The more I thought about it, the more I leaned against ‘threading’. This article was most useful in weighing the pros and cons: “Against Threaded Conversations on Blogs”. It’s located here:

    Thanks again,




    Thanks for the in-depth response, Jennifer. This is very helpful.



    i like this theme i need this theme for blogger..!!

    The theme is obviously about tresspassing and respecting the property of others.

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