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global $forums is missing in my custom template

  • Hi,

    I’ve been searching this forums yet but could’nt find any explanation to my problem so here it goes:

    I’m a newbie at developping for bbpress, and trying to customize it for my needs.

    First, I’m running bbPress 0.9.4; I’m also using a copy of the default theme that i’m modifying (located in my-templates/mysite).

    I’ve attached a hook to the action ‘bb_index.php_pre_db’ which is ran on bbpress/index.php; My goal is to display only forums (without latest discussions and sticky topics) so i’ve copied the content of index.php and removed calls to latest discussions and sticky topics:

    add_action('bb_index.php_pre_db', 'home');

    function home(){

    $forums = get_forums(); // Comment to hide forums

    do_action( ‘bb_index.php’, ” );

    bb_load_template( ‘front-page.php’);



    The problem is that once in the file front-page.php, the $forums variable doesnt exists anymore. Actually i tried to print it out in the bb_load_template as well and the variable is empty too. It seems that because i’m using a hook (called by do_action), globals variable do not exists anymore in this context. I might be wrong but i’m actually stuck to this point and can’t really move forward. Any tips?


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