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ghost translation

  • I’ve been having problems to translate bbpress since I integrated the forum with wordpress.

    In particular I’m having this error;

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class CachedFileReader in D:wampwwwwordpressbbpressbb-includesstreams.php on line 163

    whenever I try to define a lenguage in config.php -> define(‘BBLANG’, ‘es_ES’);

    I was suggested to redirect to wordpress mo file -> define(‘BBLANGDIR’, ‘../wp-includes/languages’);

    and then editing this mo file with poedit.

    Well, I’ve been messing with poedit but I didn’t change bbpress config.php yet or included any language file for bbpress anywhere.

    I went to bbpress control panel to activate the new signature plugin and I find that a line of the menu (and just one line, the rest are still in english) is already translated to spanish, this one;

    I admit that I’ve been very busy and I even admit that a was drinking some beers this evening but, what the hell did I do? I can’t rember!. I’ve been unsuccesfully trying to translate bbpress for a month and now bbpress started to translate all by itself?

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