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Getting WP Super Cache / W3 Total Cache to work with bbPress 2.0

  • John Conners


    Is there anything I need to do to get the aforementioned caching plugins to invalidate topic pages, forum indexes and so forth when a new reply is posted?

    I’ve tried both 2.0.2 and the latest bbPress plugin version from svn and as it stands, posting a new reply does not clear the topic page (or any other forum pages) from the cache so you and nobody else sees your replies.

    Just wanted to check if it’s currently a bug / feature or I’m missing something obvious!

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  • Lynqoid


    Under page cache is an option called “Never cache the following pages:” I just added in /forum*

    Good luck!

    Will Brownsberger


    I posted in this thread 15 months ago that W3 did not work with bbpress.

    Have to love the speed though and I thought I’d try again with latest versions:
    WP 3.9
    W3 0.9.4
    bbPress 2.5.3

    My first round of testing, prior to trying it on live site,, was successful — I focused most heavily on whether bbpress replies would trigger refreshes. They do seem to. Occasionally, a very little bit of a lag, enough to make a fast-fingered tester wonder, but it seems to OK.

    So we are using it live now and will report back if we have any real problems.

    For the record, my settings are as follows:
    bbpress — anonymous topics and replies allowed (and that is what I carefully tested)
    w3 total cache as follows:


    Page Cache Enabled
    Minify, not enabled
    Database Cache enabled
    Object Cache not enabled
    Browser Cache not enabled (have settings in .htaccess)
    CDN not enabled
    Reverse Proxy not enabled
    Monitoring not enabled
    File locking not enabled
    Verify Rewrite Rules enabled.

    PAGE CACHE SETTINGS (all not checked except the following)

    Cache front page
    Don’t cache pages for logged in users
    Automatically prime the page cache (default interval 900 seconds, 10 pages)
    Preload the post cache upon publish
    Purge Policy — defaults (front page, post page, blog feed, rss2)
    Default advanced options

    Don’t cache pages for logged in users
    Default advanced options

    Daniel J. Lewis


    I know this is very old, but any update on making bbPress compatible with WP Super Cache?

Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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