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Getting user data from outside source

  • I just created a plugin for WordPress that allows me to over-ride the authentication process and supply my own user account data. I was in the process of doing the same thing for bbPress when I hit a snag.

    In both cases the first step is re-writing the wp_validate_auth_cookie function. (conveniently pluggable in both cases)

    For WordPress, I was then able to modify the get_userdata function to pipe in my own data (reformatted for WP compatibility) rather than grabbing it from the usual database.

    The trouble comes in that the comparable bbPress function is get_user, within the BB_Cache class. (line 15, cache.php)

    So that means I have to ‘hack’ to make my plugin work. Fine for the meantime, but perhaps this is something to make pluggable in the future.

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