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Getting same header, footer and background color as WordPress.

  • Hi there. I tried searching a bit, but I can’t seem to find a decent tutorial on how to use the WordPress header, footer and background color (of the main content box). Can you guys help me a bit in the good direction?

    I have already installed bbpress, using the same database as wordpress and I configured config.php to match the integration.



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  • betwixt: probably the best thing to do is to redesign the default kakumei theme to make it look exactly like the WordPress theme you are using.

    Is there a particular WordPress theme you are using or is your design custom?

    hmmm thanks for the tip. I’m not going to redesign it all myself. I just don’t have the time to get down and dirty with this code/stylesheets.

    I currently use different K2 themes… Actually I don’t mind the forum having another theme… What I do want, is a button in the header of my wordpress site pointing to the forum…. Any idea?





    Adding a link or a button to your WordPress site is easy. Just add a link to the forum URL in whatever format your blog header uses. Post a link to your site and someone will help with the formatting of your new button.

    When I finally got my installation to work, I was able to modify the source coding for bbPress to display within a page of WordPress, but styling it to match the wordpress theme would be to intensive with having to change core id’s and classes that were used between both wp and bb. It is easier, from what I am gathering, to design your wordpress template around the bbpress forum.

    I had some luck using wordpress Theme Functions.

    For example my BBPress pulls the top header image, navigation and footer from wordpress. It does not pull between the <head> </head> tags. But this allows me to control the nav and header in one place as well as footer, so that everything gets updated.

    If you have your bbpress install setup to use wordpress functions it’s pretty easy to do.

    As for CSS, I hate the way other people code css so I always end up ripping it all out and starting from scratch.

    Check out this page:

    edit** I’m still playing around with it but it looks promising.

    “I was able to modify the source coding for bbPress to display within a page of WordPress”

    How did you do that??

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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