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Getting in contact with admin

  • Hi there!

    Do you possibly have any idea of how to get in contact with an administrator of a forum??

    The one I’m talking about is:

    For some reason the development stopped and no one seems to take care of anything…

    It’s somehow a disaster, “ugly” threads are sometimes showing up without anyone letting them die.

    There’s no search-function, and the sticky-function isn´t in use!!!

    And questions to “admin” who doesn´t really admin disappears leaving the question unsolved. (and you can´t search to find them!!)

    I’d like to get in contact with this person, perhaps to guide him/her in how to admin a forum.

    Thanx for reading!! ;o)

    Sorry if wrong section, didn’t really know where to post this..

    /Lady Z

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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