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getting bbpress working after hosting change.

  • DavyB


    I recently moved my hosting from US west hosting to European hosting. I.E. Next door rather than 1/3 way round planet on the far side of North America. I copied backups of the old databases to the new hosting.

    Now I cannot get bbpress running now the old dns and hosting have been switched off.

    I get error message “ERROR: Could not establish a database connection” I had wp and bb integrated and syncing. wp is working fine. I can use phpMyAdmin to read the database. BBPress will setup fine with a new database but its a bit of a pain to setup all the forums and synced topics and I’d lose the topics that were only in the bbpress forums.

    Any help and advice welcomed.

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  • Olaf Lederer


    Moving to a new hosting company will not say that the database connection is the same.

    Check the documentation from the new provider how-to connect to your database from PHP



    Actually its same hosting company, EU datacenter rather than US west datacenter. I was being a little vague as to the hosting company, 5 hops on a tracert rather than 18+, much more responsive.

    I have got it to connect to the db by editing the bb_meta table, values for user_bbdb_name, user_bbdb_user, user_bbdb_host and user_bbdb_password, its now working to some extent, but user identifiers dont seem to be mapping correctly, so I cannot access as a logged in user on the bbpress side.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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