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GET parameters get stripped on search results pages

  • Daniel Tara


    On my local server search results URLs get pretty permalinks and search works. On my live server the query string is shown and no search results are returned.

    I did a test by manually entering the search URL as it was prettyfied on my local server and surprisingly search works.

    The search URL that bbPress returns looks like this and returns no results:

    The prettified link for the same search looks like this:

    So the search engine works and apparently it’s the permalinks that cause the issue. Changing or resaving WordPress’ permalink setting didn’t make any difference.

    A var_dump for bbp_search returns NULL.

    The only difference between my local server and live server is that on my local server I use Apache and on my live serve nginx + Varnish.

    Is there any incompatibility between bbPress and nginx or Varnish? Are there any permalink configurations I must apply?

    Thank you

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