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get logged out when clicking on post using Mozilla Firefox

  • haddly


    When logging in using Mozilla Fiefox, to reply to a post, i am automatically logged out before i can post anything.
    exact process:
    1. I receive an email saying someone has posted on the forum and i click on the link
    2. I am now in the forum but i need to login to post a reply
    3. I go to the main area and login
    4. I go back to the post, but i notice that i am logged out as top right hand of screen there is no info.

    This only happens with Mozilla. I have managed to solve this problem by clearing all cookies and cache. This is not an ideal long term solution though. Do you have any suggestions?
    using a personal wp theme. version 1.0 ( will never be updated)

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  • Robin W



    1. I presume that as you cleared cookies the problem has gone away – ie you can’t replicate it at will? or can you?
    2. did you prove this on more than 1 PC – ie was it a problem just for your PC?



    1. The problem did go away when i cleared the cache, but i just did it again (same steps) and the same thing happens.
    2. This has happenned to several of my colleagues, so it is not just my pc.

    Robin W


    ok, so it could be a theme or plugin issue


    Deactivate all but bbpress and see if this fixes. if it does, re-enable one at a time to see which is causing the error.


    If plugins don’t pinpoint the problem, as a test switch to a default theme such as twentyfifteen, and see if this fixes.

    Then come back



    Hi, i have noticed this is only when using mozilla firefox. If i do Ctrl + F5 once in the forum i am then relogged in.
    Installing a different theme is not an option as our site would look completely different and some things just dont work, css…
    Do you know if mozilla is trying to fix this at the moment?



    Just to let you know that this issue was fixed by uninstalling the plugin “bbPress Login Register Links On Forum Topic Pages” and instead adding a login/logout link using the code provided here:

    Layout and functionality – Examples you can use

    and then adding code provided to make sure the links only appear in the forum and not the whole site:
    change line 3 to
    if ( is_user_logged_in() && is_bbpress() ) {

    and line 6 to

    elseif ( !is_user_logged_in() && is_bbpress() ) {

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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