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GD bbPress Tools

  • Milan Petrovic


    GD bbPress Tools is a new free plugin for bbPress 2.0/2.1 for WordPress. Currently adds these new features:

    * BBCode shortcodes support

    * Quote Reply or Topic

    * User signature with BBCode and HTML support

    * Additional custom views

    * Basic topics search results view

    * Toolbar menu integration

    * Limit bbPress admin side access

    Plugin supports BBCodes based on the phpBB implementation. Right now, plugin has 30 BBCodes. Latest plugin version is 1.2:

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  • Jared Atchison


    +1 looks great, I’ll check it out.



    I tried installing this on a test server with WP 3.4 and bbPress 2.1 (both from SVN) and it broke the ability to add or edit posts or pages.

    All my bbPress plugins are right now on the dev server with trunk versions of WP 3.4 and bbPress 2.1. But, maybe something changed in these in the last few days, that caused the problem, so I will check my plugins again. But with the RC1 of WP 3.4 and bbPress 2.1 from last Wednesday, all my plugins were working fine.




    I literally grabbed a nightly build of WordPress yesterday, so it is possible something changed. I was also using bbPress 2.1 from SVN yesterday and the only other bbPress plugin I was using was your Attachments plugin. I’ll check again in a week or so.

    I will test this in the next few days.

    I have tested with WP 3.4 final, bbPress 2.1-r3920 (last from trunk), and everything is working, and not problems with edit or adding posts/pages. Maybe something was broken by bbPress with one of the trunk builds causing problem. Let me know if you have problem still.



    Check out this thread:

    The problem may be with plugins that tie into the admin bar.

    I have seen that. But, as I say, all plugin features work fine (including toolbar integration) and nothing is broken in the WP with, tested with WP 3.4 Final and bbPress 2.1-r3920.

    Please test it, and let me know.

    And if you still have issues, please can you list exact steps how to reproduce problems, including what plugins you have active.



    I disabled every plugin that ties into the admin bar other than Buddypress and I still had the issue. I can try disabling that as well. I’ll do some testing today and see if I can determine if it is a plugin conflict.

    New plugin version is coming soon with the updates.



    Fixed for me! Thanks for the update!

    Great to hear that. If you notice any more problems, please let me know.



    this looks awesome – any chance you’ll support the version of bbpress that comes with buddypress for groups?




    There is a problem with quoting function. I have got quoting enabled for all the roles. However, if I am logged in as a standard user (participant) I can ONLY quote my own posts and the topic header. Just like here:

    Is there any way of fixing it? It was mentioned a while back in the support forums, with no reply left…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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