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Full width forum but where then is the login?

  • allmyhoney


    Hi all, I have installed bbpress as a plugin. I am just wondering does the login, register and search all have to be widgets to be seen. I do not want widgets in the sidebar and want a simple full page width forum. But it seems if I do this I have no login area? Any ideas on this. Example here:

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  • I’m also considering how this can be done. I have a left and right sidebars with widgets in them that I wish would not even be displayed. As far as the forum is concerned, I would like it to be the full width of the theme without the sidebars/widgets but see no clear way to remove them.

    Any assistance on this would be helpful. Also, if I am not completely missing it, it may be a good option to release in the GUI for future users. Most blogs contain these sidebars which – however well they may work for a blog – will almost always make a forum which fits between them too narrow and cumbersome.

    The bbpress forum on install had four columns, and my wordpress blog has a 900px width with sidebars on each side. This doesn’t leave much room for the forum to operate within, and it is basically “squished”. I would imagine other users would have similar issues.

    As sidebar items such as search, categories, and archives usually are related more to the blog and not necessarily related to the forum at all, or necessary for the forum to operate (especially as the user can simply click “Home” on the menu and see the forum with all of it’s widgets and sidebars”), I would think there would be many cases where users would find keeping the widgets from the blog on the forum unnecessary and clunky.

    An option to disable sidebars and widgets from the current wordpress theme would be a fantastic addition to bbpress.

    Until that feature is implemented, how can one make the forum the full width as the OP request, disabling the WP widgets and sidebars?

    Great job, though, it’s a very promising project.



    How did you get your bbPress forums to look so good with your theme? I got the bbPress plugin and couldn’t get my forums to format correctly at all. Everything was just white and a tiny font.

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