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Full Page vs Sidebar Installation

  • Shapeshifter 3


    Arf! Arf!(Howdy! Howdy!),

    I just move my content to a Bootstrap based WordPress Theme (Customizr) that so far I like alot. I’ve never used bbPress before, and don’t quite understand it’s integration with the usage of Pages. Particularly Full Width vs Sidebar usage.

    Here’s a link to my site: Toolbox-4-Websites

    I installed the bbPress Plugin into my WordPress 3.6 beta 3 installation.
    I then created a new page titled “Forums” with a right sidebar.
    I drag & dropped that page into my Primary Navigation Menu.
    I created two Forum categories and dropped them beneath my “Forums” menu page.
    I dragged all of the bbPress Widgets into my Theme’s right sidebar.

    Here’s the problem:

    When I click on a Forum category, it opens up in a Full Page format missing the sidebar.
    The viewers never get to see the 7 widgets.
    I also notice that when I’m in the Admin panel, I’m given the option to edit the Forum, but NOT THE PAGE itself. Is this a bbPress issue, OR an issue with my theme?

    The Customizr Theme is intentionally designed to NOT allow the first Primary Menu Title to open as a page…only what’s beneath each title. Could the developer’s choice of that option be hindering my ability to edit each page beneath the main menu titles?
    (I thought I would contact bbPress first, before I contacted the theme’s Developer).

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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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