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Freshness – Every post is showed as ” Right Now”

  • wriper


    Hi guys,

    After update my topic freshness or time stamp of post is totally broken. I have tried several solutions including “repair freshness” trough tools section . Only thing that somehow solved my problem was disabling freshness trough “bbpress style pack” and let bbpress show only date (eg 23rd. January 2020).

    But bbpress style pack is not working for me as it is breaking my css and I think it was that plugin which switched all post to show ” Right Now” only new posts are showed correctly but all old posts are ” Right now” . I have also ask server admin to turn off caching but it didnt help.

    Is there any solution for this without bbpress style pack?

    Note : ” Teraz” means ” Right now” in Slovak.

    Link for example:


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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