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Freshnes , RSS and Tag problems…

  • 1) Freshnes is -1 year

    im in Canada Montreal (gmt -5) and i dont know what gmt is my serve.

    If i move my forums to a canadian serve, it will be OK? if yes, someone can suggest me

    a free PHP serve?

    2) TAG

    When i add a new post, i wrote title, subjet, and a tag (in Chinese) , than, after i send this post, the tag disapeared.. i dont know why..

    3) RSS

    what is RSS? There is a ” RSS feed for this topic” option, when i click it, its “page not found”

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  • 1) Usualli a simple traceroute can suggest you where the server is, anywai you can try to change the $bb->gmt_offset variable testing various value till you get the right time in the forum.

    2) I think this is a currently problem with tag management, about managing UTF8 charset…

    3) RSS stay for Really Simple Syndication a methond to stay up to date reading new content from a site using feed aggregator online or as local program, do a little search on Google and you will learn all about it… veri usefull to follow news from lot osf sites without the need to opens single site every day to check f there is something new… try RSS and you will never be able to live without it :)

    Even if you get the right time for your post. My freshness still gonna be -1 year. It all happen to the newest post i make but the time posted is correct. Maybe it was a bug inside bbpress freshness function.

    Thanks guys!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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