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Found reason for "ERROR: Your topic cannot be created (& edited) at this time."

  • joshivince


    Hi there,

    I am using bbPress 2.5.3-5249, WP 3.8.1 and theme dw-minion on

    My user contacted me with the information that he can’t create a topic.
    Errormessage: ERROR: Your topic cannot be created at this time.

    I found out, that the german word “Aufforderung” is the reason that the error message appears.
    Every time I tried to use “Aufforderung” the bbpress denied to create (and edit) the post.

    Wherever I used it in title or in bodytext, it does not work. I checked every user role. Only with Administrator rights it works with this word.

    I checked within “Settings” > “Discussion” > “Comment-Blacklist” if this word is there. It is not.

    Any help for this? Aufforderung means “challenge” (to sb. to do sth.) or better “request”.

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  • That’s really weird, I tried to recreate your issue but I couldn’t.

    Any topic or reply by a participant containing ‘Aufforderung’ was posted fine.

    (Akismet plugin activated with an active API key)

    Any chance another plugin might be causing this?

    Sideline: I wonder if Akismet added it by mistake as a ‘bad word’ and now they have reversed that and that’s why it now works for me, does it still happen now?



    Hi Stephen, thank you for the response.

    I do not use Akismet.

    If you want you can try the word “Aufforderung” here:

    My used plugins:

    Used plugins on

    In this moment I see Antispam bee. Antispam Bee protects blogs from digital rubbish. It is made up of sophisticated techniques and analyzes comments including pings.

    Le me check this plugin. I comment then my informations again.



    OK, i deactivated Antispam Bee. The error is not gone. Still the word Aufforderung don’t let me create topics or let me modify them.

    Except when I log in as an administrator. Then I have no problem. But this is not a solution for me =)

    Please help…




    Some of our users also report this error – that they cannot post ..
    it is not related to this german word though.. as the site is in English

    and I have no idea why it would happen to them..


    I can’t replicate it myself, but even a moderator had such problem once..



    our users discovered one (hopefully) reason why they get this message
    “ERROR: Your topic cannot be created at this time”

    If the post contains
    ‘Thank you in advance’

    then their post will be blocked…

    so, how do I unblock this?? so users who don’t know about it, are not affected?

    This has nothing to do with bbPress per se, if you have added Thank you in advance those terms to ‘Comment Moderation’ or ‘Comment Blacklist’ in Settings -> Discussion then you should remove them this also includes if you have the term van then because ‘advance’ includes ‘van’ it will be blocked.

    See this for more details:



    Hi Stephen, you’ve right!
    I checked my blacklist and here we are:

    I said, that the german word “aufforderung” doesn’t work.

    Here a snippet of my blacklist:


    The word “order” is included in “aufforderung”. So I have no more problems!

    Thank you many much and regards from Germany!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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