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Forum/Topic/Reply slug conflicts with WP pages/posts

  • AngryGerman


    I’m currently developing a WP (4.5.2) site with the bbPress plug-in (2.5.9).

    I have various standard WP pages and posts (e.g. About (slug: about) and Help (slug: help)) on the site.

    The forum runs under the forums root slug.

    When creating a forum or topic, for example, whose slug is the same as that of an existing page, trying to display that forum/topic fails with a 404 error.

    For example, creating a forum with the name “About” (slug: about) leads to the (correct) bbPress URL /forums/forum/about/. However, trying to display that forum at that specific URL fails with a 404 error, apparently because a page with the URL/slug /about/ already exists for a WP page.

    This only seems to happen when a page/post/etc. exists that has such a “conflicting” slug, which is still puzzling because the bbPress forum has its own root slug/URL path /forums/, which should prevent such conflicts.

    Renaming the forum slug manually to something like aboutx fixes the issue, and the forum is then accessible just fine under /forums/forum/aboutx/. (This is obviously not a solution, but illustrates that there must be some sort of slug conflict.)

    1. Is this a known issue, or what could the problem be?
    2. Alternatively, is there a way to automatically append a (e.g. random) string to any bbPress forum/topic/post slug to prevent something like this?

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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