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Forums vs categories

  • terraling


    Hi, I have added bbPress with my WP and BP installation, no problems, thanks very much.

    I am instructed to set the forum attribute type to Category not Forum. OK, done that, works.

    But… I have read through the bbPress documentation about nesting forums which makes some mention of categories, but it is not clear to me how categories are or what the use case is.

    The only place in-the-wild I have seen nested forums is on the hungarian site someone announced about 5 days ago.

    Maybe I have seen categories somewhere, but I wouldn’t necessarily know.

    Can anyone elaborate?


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  • Stephen Edgar


    A ‘category’ cannot have topics, they are ‘parent’ objects for categorizing groups of forums in a container.

    eg. ‘Software’ in this case would be a good choice for a ‘category’:

    – Software (category)
    — Apple (forum)
    — Microsoft (forum)

    eg. You don’t have to use categories at all, you could just use a flat list of forums:

    – Apple (forum)
    – Microsoft (forum)



    Thanks @netweb for the reply.

    Which makes me wonder why you would use a nested forum such as:

    Software (forum)
    – Apple (forum)
    – Microsoft (forum)

    Is it the case that if you are then looking at the Software forum you see topics posted directly there mixed in with topics that have been posted in sub-forums, eg Apple and Microsoft?

    Whereas is in your category example, if you look at Software, you don’t see any of the topics from the sub-forums, only links to the forums themselves?

    Sorry if I’m being a bit dim.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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