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  • cstoll



    I’m creating this topic on the off chance that somebody else might have experienced a similar thing and can point me in the right direction as to what has caused this.

    So for unknown reasons, all forums and posts suddenly disappeared completely from our WordPress instance. They are not in the trash and I also couldn’t locate them in the database anymore. No plugin updates or any other suspicious actions have been performed that I know of which could’ve been behind this.

    Also, this didn’t happen to our DEV instance which is essentially in the same state in terms of active plugins etc.

    Anyone ever heard of something like this happening? I’m not so much concerned about restoring the lost forums because it was only test forums and test posts so far. But I don’t want to have this happen in the future with actual forums and posts on there. I know that backups can be made, but then there’d still be the content you’d lose in-between performing them manually.

    We are using bbPress in conjunction with LearnPress and it was forums tied to a LearnPress course that were lost (we didn’t have any ‘free-standing’ ones), if that provides any hints.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Robin W


    never heard this in 7 years of supporting bbpress.

    so within bbpress it would be a deliberate action

    dashboard>tools>forums>reset forums

    But no idea if Learndash has something that hooks to this, say if you wanted to remove forums from learndash – might be worth asking them



    Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely check back with LearnPress if there’s something on their end then.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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