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"Forums" page missing from "Pages" tab listing

  • Carpe Delirium


    Hi there,
    I am using WP with PaidMembershipPro and the PMPro bbPress plugins.
    Everything is brand new this month. The site is here: for reference, but the forums are private behind PMPro registration.

    I have created 2 private forums, no problem. I can access those forum pages, and when I do the individual page for each forum shows the following pathway:
    Home › Forums › [name of private forum]
    In that pathway the “Forums” page has an active link that I click on, taking me to a nice page that lists all forums. The url for that page is:

    Unfortunately when I go to my pages tab, or when I go to the menus tab under appearance, I can find no trace of this “Forums” page. In the menu tab under “Forums” it lists the specific forums, but does not list the master page that lists all forums. I can put individual forms into my nav bar menu, but not the root page listing all forums. I want to put this page into my main nav menu, and I also want to modify the page to add text.
    Why does the page not show up? It clearly exists. I am on it right now.
    Can anyone help?

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  • Robin W


    the page is a virtual one

    Just add it as a link to your menu


    and look for ‘links’ under the pages on the left

    add it as

    and add to menu.

    Then just edit the description to Forums or whatever

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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