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Forums link not working

  • jasonvbox-ua


    Hello. I installed bbpress, but when I go to, it seems to be using the page.php template. I do not have any theme integration, all I want is the same as the shortcode. When you go to, the list of fourms appear.

    What can I do? I tried putting archive-forums.php and others into my template dir with no luck.

    if I create a new page, add in the shortcode, then the forums breadcrumb still links to the non page.

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  • Update – it appears that the bbpress forums slug defaults to page.php inside my template, since my theme does not offer bbpress support.

    Without having to integrate the child bbpress theme, how can I simply make it display the forms available on something like say page-forums.php?

    I tried a snippit to redirect page to page-forums but it did not work.

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