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/forums is Broken.

  • Hello everyone,

    My problem is this: I might have done something wrong, but I can’t get the forums URLs to be right.

    If you go to the URL above, it goes to a forms page but it is all screwed up and doesn’t work properly. To actually get to a nice looking page I have to go to which is a bad URL. I want to go to /forums and see a list of my forums.

    I have installed BB press a couple times now hoping to reset the configuration incase it was something I did, but I find that it doesn’t completely uninstall when I delete it from the plugins page.

    I would like to try a fresh install but I don’t see exactly all the tables I’ll have to remove from the database. Or maybe someone can suggest a better option?

    Thank you for viewing my post. I appreciate any responses or trobleshooting you can offer.

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