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Forums and Topics missing on fresh install.

  • I’ve searched all day for a solution that works for me to no avail. I have WordPress 3.4.1 installed. I then installed buddy press 1.5.6. After which i selected the sitewide forums which initiated the auto install of bbpress.

    i then changed the slugs to make sure they are different.

    i created a sample forum.

    then created a sample topic:

    If i browsed to the website there are no forums or topics visible, even though following the direct link from the admin… those pages do exist.

    i deleted the original ‘forums’ page created by the buddy press install, then created a new page called discussion boards and affiliated the forums with that page under the buddy press settings – thinking maybe a fresh page might show the forums and topics. Still nothing there:

    i can’t get forums and topics to show up on the live site. Any ideas. I’ve searched all over the place and installed and uninstalled about 10 times today trying to get an installation that works.

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  • thought i had this figured out. I was able to see forum and topics and

    thought i might set wordpress to redirect to that as the home page and that might solve my problem, but before i could do that i get error 500 and nothing works at all now. Whats the deal? I’ve always loved wordpress because it’s so easy to use. figured bbpress would be the same



    If I have any problems this big then the following things I do in this order to try and rectify it is:

    – Go to settings > and re-save your permalinks

    – Switch to a default theme and make sure your theme is compatible

    – Disable plugins one by one to check you don’t have a conflict.

    Good luck!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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