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  • Hello

    Is it any plugin or any way to get a icon in front of the forumname? At the mainforum I have 5 different forums, that is for some different sports. I want a icon in front of the forumname. A football in front of the Football forum, basketball in front of basket ball forum etc.

    Is it any plugin or a way to to this that is simple?

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  • Every forum, topic, and reply has unique CSS identifiers applied to it. So this should be very easy to do if you are familiar with CSS. Just add the appropriate tweaks to your theme’s primary CSS file.

    Do you know which code I should use?

    I can’t tell you exactly what code to use because I don’t know you use case.

    As I said each forum has it’s own CSS class, such as bbp-forum-4. You can use this sto style the various areas however you see fit.

    Are you familiar with CSS? If not then there really isn’t going to be an easy way, unfortunately.

    I’m not very familiar with CSS, but shall look around the internet and check, thanks for all help ;)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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