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Forum topic title visible but content not visible

  • redsace


    I am using BB press 2.5.4-5380 in WordPress 3.9.2. The running theme is SCRN 2.1. My problem is that since last 1 month or so, any new topic that is created does not show the content of the new post (topic), just the topic title. All other replies to that can be seen, however.
    At the backend everything is visible but at the front end the problem remains. I tried updating the theme but it did not help, tried removing the associated plugins like bbPress Email Notifications, GD bbPress Attachments but that too did not help.
    Since I am relatively new to WordPress and know little of html programming, please help me accrodingly.
    My website:
    To see the forum You may login using: username: [redacted]
    password: [redacted]

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  • When I click on the link in your menu “Discussion Forums” here

    I see This content is for Pro and Revision Series with forum members only.

    Though I see your forums here

    But I cannot read your topic here:

    I can see the topic and replies here:

    Most likely this is an issue with a plugin that is restricting the viewing of topics and replies, a look at your source shows you are using “Paid Memberships Pro” and this is most likely the cause of your issues.

    Can you update or configure it’s settings for any permission changes that differ between the links I added above?

    It could also be generally more of an issue with bbPress and “Paid Memberships Pro” as I have seen a few recent issue pop up with this plugin, I’d check their support forum for any related topics and make sure you are using the latest version of their plugin.



    Wow Stephan,
    You are a genius…. Hats off to you…. My PM Pro plugin was outdated and hence the issue…. It is absolutely resolved now…. Had been struggling with it for so much time….. Thanks for all the help and support…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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