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Forum title in bb_title on topic page

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    It was annoying me that by default bb_title() on the topic page didn’t include the name of the forum in it. I wanted

    Topic name < Forum name < Site name

    but bb_title() default is:

    Topic name < Site name

    So I wrote this little plug-in and now I’m happier.



    Plugin Name: Better Topic Titles

    Plugin URI:

    Description: Add the forum (category) name to the topic title in <title> for the love of SEO!

    Author: Phil Thompson

    Version: 1.0

    Author URI:


    function better_topic_titles($title){

    $separator = ‘«’;

    $forum_name = get_forum_name();

    if(!empty($forum_name) && strpos($_SERVER, ‘topic’) !== false){

    $title = str_replace($separator, $separator . ‘ ‘ . $forum_name . ‘ ‘ . $separator, $title);


    return $title;


    add_filter(‘bb_title’, ‘better_topic_titles’);


    I’ve not found any issues with using it but I’m sure someone can have a look and improve it; if they think it’s necessary.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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