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Forum theme only works “backwards”

  • flamuren



    I am new to all of this (building a homepage etc) and I am not native English speaking. I say this so you keep in mind I do my best to use the correct terminology when writing this question and I maybe will have some issues understanding what you answer if you use to advance terminology without some explanation. Excuse me for this.

    I have googled and asked a friend with no direct luck regarding my issue.

    So to the problem at hand. I have set up a homepage, installed bbpress and got the forum going. I installed a new theme to make the editing easier and get some help getting everything looking good (the same issue I will describe soon, I also had using twentytwenty theme)… the webpage looks mostly like I want it to and feels kinda modern (if I may say so myself). The problem however is that BBpress looks aweful and dont inherite the theme at all and I cant seem to get it to work properly. However! if I go in to forum and then use the forum menu to go back one forum level the theme seems to inherite the look I have on the page mostly and looks okey. Also when I “go back one level” in my forum on the webpage some minor things happen, other than it start to look good. It uses another url for the page I go back to, even tho its the same “forum page” and the forum page title/header text changes.

    I can add I just made a new page using WP admin panel – then added some text as a title/header and used the code [bbp-forum-index] under that text to implement the forum.

    This is the link to the forum if you use my top menu (which is the correct way to enter the forum and which makes the forum look weird):
    This is the link when I manually “go back one level” in my forum (which looks ok for my purpose):

    WP version: 5.5.3 (Swedish)
    Theme: Hestia 3.0.6
    BBpress: 2.6.6

    I dont know if this is possible to understand what I mean. I can try to describe in other words if you ask me.

    Many thanks in advance if you like to help me 🙂


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  • Robin W


    you might do best by installing

    bbp style pack

    and use that to style the forums



    Thank you very much, that plugin of yours looks really neat 🙂 But its annoying that my forum has correct theme when I click in to the forum and uses the internal bbpress links… Like its some other forumpagetheme activated depending on which url I use. Also something happens using the different links. Its not only the theme that changes but also the page it self. Seems weird to me.

    Robin W


    sorry, bbpress works on themes that comply with the some old wordpress conventions, and nowadays 90% don’t so most don’t.

    No-ones fault, wordpress themes have moved on faster than worpdress 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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