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Forum Slugs & Using Page Templates

  • Hi

    I’m still playing around with bbpress/buddypress on my test site I know I’m doing something fundamentally wrong, so can I please get help.

    I originally copied all the bbp-twentyten files into my active theme and manually edited the files like archive-forum.php, archive-topic.php to get these pages how I wanted them to look.

    However, how do I setup my forum homepage to use the page-front-topics.php template? When I create a WP Page at the bbpress automatic page using the archive-forum.php file always overrides it. It says “Archive Slugs

    Include custom root slugs to prefix your forums and topics with. These can be partnered with WordPress pages to allow more flexibility.”

    but I can’t get it to work.

    For now I’ve inserted ‘forumbb’ and ‘topicsbb’ as my archive slugs, but I’d really like to use my WP custom pages, and ttp:// as they are easier to update and manage.



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  • if my question was confused, in summary it’s – is there a way to build the forum homepage using a wordpress Page so that I can edit the content on the forum homepage using the WordPress Page editing window?


    can someone please help me with this?? Surely there’s a better way to add content to archive-forum.php and archive-topic.php than hardcoding html into the page – there must be a way to use the ‘Forum’ and ‘Topics’ page created in WordPress???

    Patricia BT


    Hi @Everton

    not sure I understood you correctly, and maybe you solved that since last week …

    well I wanted the same thing (insert the bbpress forum index, in a standard WP page), thus thought I could insert a shortcode to call the forum, in a normal page

    I created a page called “forum” (whatever you want there) and inserted [bbp-forum-index] in it,

    all the available shortcodes are listed here :


    Hi Patricia

    I did that, but the problem I have is bbpress automatically creates a page at the same url that overwrites my WP Page. If I go into the bbpress settings and change the forums base to say ‘forumsbb’ then I end up with two forums, one at /forum and one at /forumbb, which I want to avoid.

    I must be doing something wrong!



    Patricia BT


    ok, so as this worked for me I cannot help you more :( I’m sorry

    maybe a permalink/htaccess problem?


    ok, I think I worked it out:

    – install buddypress

    – install bbpress

    – DON’T add theme support to current theme (this is what I did before)

    – copy the Forums (Index) Page Template and content-archive.php files to your theme directory, so can create a /forum page

    – optional: create a forum.php file in your theme directory (I based mine on my page.php file) as this controls the look and feel of all bbpress pages.

    I had the same problem too. What I did was I did not copy the theme I had in my wordpress thus I created a new one on bbpress to avoid conflict.

    Gulf coast claims

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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