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Forum Root Slug & Page Name Problems

  • Droidism


    WordPress version 4.8
    bbPress version 2.5.12
    Site URI: Localhost (I can create a temp vpn tunnel to the site if needed.)


    I am confused about the following setup and theme page template/bbPress weirdness.

    I have installed bbPress and set the forum root to “support” and saved changes.
    Then I created a page with the exact same name “support“. The slug matches the page name and reads: www.mysite/support/
    In this page I have added the bbpress short code [bbp-forum-index]

    With the current theme I have the option to choose a page template with or without a sidebar. When I set the page template to “sidebar“, the sidebar does NOT display.

    When I change the “forum root” from “support” to “forums” and leave the page name and template choice as is, the sidebar does display.

    The same applies when I do not change the Forum root and leave it as “support“, but I remove the bbPress shortcode [bbp-forum-index]. The page “support” does show the sidebar.

    I am wondering if I am doing something wrong with either setting the Forum root slug and the page name to the exact same; “support“.

    Maybe this is not possible and leads to url/permalink confusion in WP/bbPress and it instead uses the “standard” page template (which doesn’t utilises any sidebars in the current theme I am using.)

    In the end what I would like to see is the following (if possible at all.);

    When you visit the site’s support page the url/slug read:
    The page title matches the slug: “Support” and it uses the sidebar page template.

    In this page the support questions are shown by freshness and the breadcrumb actually displays “home >> support“, not “home >> forums“.

    Thanks in advance for any help in explaining the Forum root and page name scheme/setup.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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