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Forum page is displayed as blog posts page. Help!

  • mario83s


    Ok, the weird issue.

    I’m trying to get the forum working on a child theme, however, it is being displayed as a blog posts. Switching to the parent theme makes it display normally. I found that while child theme is activated, bbpress injects into archive-listing.php of my child theme.

    Now, It tried all I could think off. All tutorials, documentation, support topics. It doesn’t matter whether I create a custom bb theme, creating bbpress.php, plugin-bbpress.php or any other file name I found in documentation. It always injects into the same template and displayed as posts.

    If I create a new page and input a [bbp-forum-index], it is displayed properly. However, as soon as I click on a single forum or topic, it gets displayed on a different template again and ignoring bbpress.php.

    I evein tried echoing some custom words inside the templates to see do they even get loaded somewhere. But “hello world” didn’t appear anywhere.

    This issue is clearly not related to bbpress as it works on other themes, the issue is within my child theme. But I don’t have any idea what to do!! I spent last few days googling for a solution without a luck.

    Do I need to add some kind of filters or actions inside my child theme functions.php??

    If anyone has encountered with this issue or can offer a solution, it would be most appreciated!

    BBPRESS: 2.5.9


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