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Forum Order and Forum Parent Issues

  • I’ve created 5 forums lets call them 1,2,3,4, and 5, and then decided to add a parent to three of them. So I created the Parent Forum lets call it A, then clicked edit on forum 5 to tell it to be a child of the newly created forum A. Problem being the forum A doesn’t show up in the parent list. So I click edit on forum 4, forum A shows up in its Parent list, so I assign it. Save and go check the site. Forum 4 has not been moved into A, they are all there as if parents weren’t selected.

    So that has me puzzled…

    As for the Forum Order deal. I moved the forum from the bottom to the top, and when I went to view the site it was the only forum showing up. The rest had vanished. I went back in and moved it back to the bottom of the list, and the rest show back up.

    Any ideas on either of these issues?

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  • Thanks once again to _ck_ having the good spirit to work through problems, has helped me solve this issue. The problem was using an old plugin called “Forum Restriction”. Once removed all functionality was restored.

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