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Forum options not showing in Dashboard

  • Matt The Hat


    hello all,

    I have searched the forums here and not found a solution yet, so sorry if I have missed it.

    I recently installed bbPress to my site and all seemed fine. I have not done anything that I can think of this evening but the dashboard options have all disappeared. I think this could be user settings issue but the forum repair tool in the Tools panel has disappeared too so I am unable to repair the user settings. anyone got any ideas how I can reset the admin access?

    I have checked that I am set as Keymaster and have also noticed that the forum settings when editing profiles has also disappeared

    Wordpress 3.8 and bbPress 2.5.2

    Thanks in advanced for any help.


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  • A high chance this is a plugin conflict, try disabling each of your plugins until you see bbPress return and let us know which plugin it is, if not a plugin we can go from there.

    Matt The Hat


    Thanks Stephen,

    I have just done that and found that two of my plugins are making bbPress throw a wobbly.

      YITH Maintenance Mode
      All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely

    the Former I can live without however the calendar is a must for the site. is there a work around or do I need to rethink the forums for now?

    The forums work on the front end and can still create/reply to topics but it is the settings options that are disappearing on me in the backend that is a concern.

    I’d suggest logging an issue with Timely at and see if they have some tips on resolving the conflict.



    I just started having this problem. I had created 3 forums and they are still accessible. But all of a sudden the dashboard and settings is not displaying Forums. I can’t create or edit the forums. I don’t have any of the plugins mentioned here

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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