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Forum only visible if user not logged in

  • brightbell


    When I installed BBpress I was able to add a topic and a form and the Forums entry was visible to the administrator account.
    Now if I log in as administrator or any account the forums are not visible or available.
    You can see a basic list but as soon as you click on anything page not found 404 comes up
    The shortcodes do produce an output from the forum if put in a new page or in the footer but
    the url is blocked whereas the same shortcode in
    a new page added at produces output

    If I log out then I see the output at
    I have tried all different levels of forum access but none lets me see it.

    bbPress Version 2.5.3
    Wordpress Ver WordPress 3.8.1 Maintenance Release January 23, 2014

    Thanks Ian

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