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Forum notification to subscribers

  • networkguy123


    Working with WordPress Live support, we have been unable to solve the problem of subscribers to my forum receiving notifications when a new topic is posted (We haven’t yet moved on to testing for those who subscribe to a topic getting notification of any new posts under that topic).
    WordPress Live received guidance from you that we should try a different theme (Twenty Twelve) and also try disabling all plugins except for bbPress and trying that. That did not work either.
    So, we’re coming back to you for further guidance. Can you provide? Will I receive notification by email when there is a response to this request or do I need to keep checking the forum. My email is
    Also, I’m working on WordPress version 5.3.2 and bbPress version 2.6.3
    Thank you very much!
    Eric Brown

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  • Robin W


    Where I have had problems with WordPress sending emails (mainly contact form 7), I have switched to SMTP using

    WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

    and then setting ‘other smtp’ using your mail provider’s details.

    This seems much more robust to sending emails, and preventing mail servers seeing this as spam

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