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Forum not showing up in custom theme

  • Hey, I’m trying to install BBPress on my current wordpress site and getting very confused. First of all I tried to install it as a standalone site on 2 servers and after uploading all of the files and trying to access the installer – it would just be a blank page.

    So then I installed it as a plugin which worked, but I can’t seem to work out how to display the forum in my current theme. If I switch on TwentyTen, the forum displays properly, however if I turn on my theme nothing displays. I’ve duplicated the files from the bbp-themes/BBP-TwentyTen into my custom theme folder as a ‘child theme’ – which appears to be working (I can see all of the files when I go to appearance / editior), but it still will not show up the forum. I’ve also added the line to functions.php that I should’ve – so there’s no error messages about BBPress not being able to use the custom theme files

    Here’s where the main forum should appear: – it seems to be picking up the navigation, but not displaying the forum. I then created a forum in the admin – but nothing displays their either!!

    Please help someone :)

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