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Forum migration troubles

  • jmock


    Hey folks,

    I’m trying to move our forums from a multisite sub-site to the main site of the multisite install and am running into problems. Here’s what’s happening:

    I’m able to export the forums, topics, and replies from the sub-site admin and import them into the main site using WP-CLI without any problems. After the import, if I look at Forums in the admin, everything is there and the counts for the topics and replies are correct, but when I run the repair tools, the topic and reply counts are set to 0, and none of the topics show that they’re in any forum and the topics also show 0 replies.

    One thing that could possibly be causing some issues is that running “Recalculate the position of each reply” times out every time I run it. Also, since we have 450,000+ total users and ~13,000 forum users, the “Remap existing users to default forum roles” tool times out as well. I’m attempting to get around that by running a script that takes the user IDs of the 13,000 forum users and adds the bbp_participant role to them with WP-CLI in an attempt to get around the timeout.

    Does anyone have ideas as to why the issue with the counts and topics would be happening? Is there a way for me to run the commands the tools page runs on the command line (whether via mysql or WP-CLI or whatever)?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


    – Jim

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