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Forum Messed up…

  • ryolu22


    Hay. New here. I tried to create a theme from scracth using pure html php and etc

    At first, it was normal. It functions normally and the UI is not as messed up as right now.

    And now out of anything, it suddenly messed up. Checkout my website here if you wanna see it

    I tried uninstalling bbpress, tried using different way of calling the forums and it still doesn’t work. Try looking at the css and tweak it, still doesn’t change.

    Any idea? or any place I should edit my code?

    FYI the page only used:
    the content.php (that is used as a template for any content including the forum)
    and the custom template for that page only.php

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  • Robin W


    hmm…looks like the forums are displaying within a ccss element called title-box

    Otherwise not sure I can help.

    It is theme/css related

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