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Forum menu disappeared for Moderator role

  • Dirk



    I recently started to use bbPress v 2.5.4 with WP v 4.0.1.
    Everything worked fine until I changed the user_login in of a user in the mySQL database, who had the bbPress moderator-role and started two forums before.
    Now this user (and every other „moderator“) can´t see the menu-item „forum“ in the Dashboard anymore. Any other bbPress-role works like it should.
    As a workaround I created a testpage with the shortcode [bbp-forum-form] and tried to start a new forum as „moderator“. It worked, but I only could start a child-forum under an existing parent. So the „keymaster“ has to change it to „parent“ everytime a „moderator“ starts a new forum.
    That´s a wortkaround but not a solution.

    I found a post here in the forum, where you speak of a known issue, that a moderator can´t see the „forum“ menu in the dashboard anymore. The problem described there seems to be quite similar to mine but is 1 year old. So, is this issue solved in the meantime? And if not, perhaps my problem helps to address the issue.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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