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Forum Listing – modify "freshness" CSS????



    Hi everyone,

    I have a new site we are working on and I have a CSS related question for you all. I do have a web developer who is much more experienced with CSS, however, I was hoping you all could at least point me in the right direction so I may have something to show him when we start the design process…

    On our main bbPress page, which lists out the active forums, we have a column called “freshness” with either “No Topics” if no one has posted or it has the number of days since the last post and the last author. The problem is that it’s pretty visually ugly to see the spacing between “No Topic” and then the spacing between the column which has an actual post with the number of days of freshness and the author.

    What I am trying to do is if there is “No Topics” to increase the column size via CSS to make it the same size as the columns who have actual posts with a freshness date and author pic.

    I am attaching a screenshot of what I am trying to do. I ran firebug and I see the CSS but I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to modify it.



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  • thesnowjunkies


    I ran into the same problem, Alex. Never fixed it, but my workaround was to just put a single topic into each forum.

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