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Forum links in wp_list_pages() ?

  • intellivision


    I know how to brute force it (just add the html) but I’d like to have it appear in the output wp_list_pages() so that links to the forum blend nicely with the rest of my WP/bbPress site.

    So I created a WP page for the forum, so that puts the link in beautifully, but the forum doesn’t appear on the page (duh). iFrames are not a good solution, so I’d like to stay away from them.

    Or I can brute force it, but then the link can only appear at the beginning or end of wp_list_pages() output.

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  • fel64


    Is there a wp hook in wp_list_pages()? That would be the first place to start.

    You could always create custom page templates which redirect the user when they visit that page using There’s a wp tutorial in their codex to creating custom page templates. You’d need one for each forum.

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