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Forum Last Poster and My Views Plugins

  • I have activated the Forum Last Poster plugin in order to add the freshness column to the Forums table. Can anyone help me to make the following modifications?

    – If the forum is empty (or if it is a category), I would like it not to show anything.

    – Rather than show the freshness, I would like it to show the actual time/date.

    – I would, of course, like it to show the correct time/date. I say this because I modified the Latest Discussions code to show the exact date, and the time zone is off by 4 hours. (I imagine the answer might be to make some modifications to the options-general.php file in bb-admin, but none seem to be working for me.)

    Here below is my code as currently written (which shows the last poster and the freshness together):

    <td class=”num”>by “><?php forum_last_poster(); ?>
    on <?php forum_time(); ?></br></td>

    I have also activated both the My Views and bb Topic Views plugins in trying to get a “Views” column in my Forums table.

    I then inserted: <th><?php _e(‘Views’); ?></th> into the front-page.php file to add the column.

    Finally, I added: <td class=”num”><?php echo $forum->views; ?></td> in the appropriate place in order to count the views.

    But the View column in the table is blank. Can anyone help?


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